GDPR: You’re Now the Most Popular Kid at School

TCsHave you noticed that you’re now receiving dozens of emails from all sorts of services that you forget you ever used? Everyone is suddenly sending you requests to accept their new privacy terms. Yes, that’s the imminent arrival of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, due out in stores on May 25, 2018, talking to you. So if you’re feeling like the prettiest one at the dance or the most popular kid at school, then you have the GDPR to thank (along with its threat of massive fines).

Personally, I am taking advantage of the opportunity to clean house by NOT accepting the terms of all of those services I am no longer interested in using.

Note: The above image compares the length of end user terms of various social media platforms. From left to right: illegible company, Google, Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. I found the image a few weeks back on Twitter but unfortunately cannot attribute the image to the original tweet or its owner.  

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